Here and now.

What is life, more than a collection of interactions?
We strive and fight and enslave our souls, bodies, and minds, in order to attain a symbolic level of greatness which we have very loosely defined.
If we don’t have a thorough understanding of what it is we are sacrificing our health and innate sense of tranquility for, are we even getting anywhere? Are we moving in a direction that is beneficial for our state of mind, or have we gone astray from what can save us?
If all we have in life is a collection of interactions, of tiny moments that bleed into each other and flow into the stream of our lives, then wouldn’t those moments be of utmost importance?
If we can learn to find contentment in our actions, in our interactions, and if we learn to live fully in the present, with gratitude, we have won.
For the future is only a concept, and the past is nothing more than a vehicle which has delivered us to where we currently stand.
To be alive is to breathe fully, to share love and laughter, and to find delight in new journeys.
Nothing else exists. What is in front of us and the experience we have with it is all that there is.


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