I am going to invite anyone going through a struggle to do something trasnformative for yourself and change your mindset. If you are experiencing hard times (hard times are always a subjective interpretation of your experience with the world), I encourage you to express gratitude for this moment in your life and to embrace this period. For it is in passing through difficult waters that we become a stronger, healthier version of our self, if we allow our self to profit from this experience. Do not feel self pity, bitterness, or start to believe that the world owes you anything, because it does not. Permit yourself to fully and presently experience each moment of the struggle and reflect on how it makes you feel. Do not run from it. It is only by going through trial that we become resilient. It is only through making mistakes that we learn how to be graceful. It is only through living by stress that we run towards tranquility. With much patience and mindfulness, the shape of your thoughts will transform, and your clear, fortified, lucid mindset will become impervious to unfortunate circumstances. The lines between struggle and ease will become blurred, because your view of what hardship is might just change, and your confidence in your capabilities will inspire you to take on challenges with a sense of excitement and belief in yourself. You have the power to respond to each moment with a new way of thinking. It is in breaking our automatic negative responses, and taking action to accomplish our goals, that we free ourselves from even believing we are going through a struggle in the first place, and finally finding gratitude for each breath we so thankfully breathe.


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