Made in America

Pushed to the back of a dusty shelf,
Hidden behind self interest and pride,
Sit rationality and intellect,
Neglectfully cast aside.

I know in my heart they’re not
Being saved for a rainy day fund,
Because this country will take
Any opportunity to grab hold of a gun.

Radicalism and extremism are said to be imported
But their made in America tags
Have simply been distorted.

Religion is tax free,
But critical thought comes at a price,
A government that stifles the publication of research,
Is built on fake news and lies.

Racism is synonymous with isolationism
And education and health have become privilege.
Whomever can shout loudest goes furthest,
While, dignity and grace have become vintage.

Intolerance breeds regression,
And hate fuels crime,
Yet victims are labeled criminals,
And forced to do their time.

The only hope we have,
Is to wage a war of peace,
For protest formed out of virtue
Will cause prejudice to cease.

Let’s wipe away inequality
And replace it with solidarity,
Let’s undermine chauvinism,
And erase it’s popularity.

Our shield is made of justice,
A flag flown with intellectualism and knowledge,
One lofty mission remains
To abort the god damn electoral college.


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